Understand stats, get confident,

& ace the exam!

Let’s face it:

Statistics can be 

super scary!

Unnecessarily complicated, dry as dust, highly frustrating

and far removed from human experience and behavior.

But there’s just no way around it—

your university requires those statistics certificates.

the good news is:

There’s a Better Way!

One where statistics is simplified for you so that you can say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm, and fear of failureand hello to exam success!

Let me show you how


Made Easy!

I teach statistics in a fun, vivid, motivating, and understandable way—in everyday language with concrete, real-life examples.

… So that it becomes doable because abstract concepts and wild formulas are broken down into bite-sized pieces.

… So that you no longer feel lost because you know exactly why and how you have to calculate what.

… So that exam worries no longer keep you up at night. Instead, you start to feel confident and ready for the exam!

Understand your most dreaded subject & ditch negative beliefs like “Girls can’t do math”

No more sleepless nights & frustration: Regain your confidence that you’re gonna ace the exam!

Get motivated (again) & learn with fun in an empowering learning environment


Happy Customers Say

“With Melanie’s excellent preparation, not only was I able to pass my statistics exam with flying colors, but I also finally got through this module properly and can now actually apply it.” 

Hanna, Psychology Student

“I love Melanie’s support and her incredibly helpful content! It is very well designed in terms of structure and has given me a real sense of “manageability”!

I'm already looking forward to statistics in my Master's degree—I never thought I'd say that.”

Frida, Social Pedagogy Student

“When I first started studying statistics, I thought I would never understand it, but thanks to Melanie’s way of teaching and her really great explanations, I actually enjoyed it. And I passed the exam!”

Marie,  Psychology  Student


No Good at Math, No Good at Statistics

That is NOT, I repeat: NOT TRUE!

FIRst, let’s question whether you’re really no good at maTH. 

Or whether that’s something your callous math teacher told you—or some weird disempowering belief about girls supposedly being bad with numbers.

SECOnd, let me tell you a secreT:

In order to be able to understand & apply stats, you hardly need any mathematical knowledge.

HERE'S What you DO need to knoW:

The four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), taking the root, squaring, and converting formulas.

That’s it! Pinky promise.

You got this!



With These 3 Steps:


Get this:

I struggled with math and avoided studying psychology until my mid-thirties because of my fear of statistics. 

But here I am, teaching stats very successfully since 2012! 

The moral of the story: 

If I can do this, you can do it, too!

Understand the structure of statistics

Unbelievable, but true: The world of statistical methods is clearly structured. 

Always find out where the method you're learning fits. This big-picture view will guide you through the jungle of stats so you never feel lost again.

Also, learn WHY you need each method, what it’s for, and how it can be applied to real life.

Study a bit every day

Take detailed notes and make your own script. Practice calculations and explain the statistical concepts to others.


Read studies to see statistics in action!

And you’ll see that your confidence will grow as you progress, and you'll be ready to ace the exam!

Hey, I'm Melanie!

A unique blend of psychologist, High Performance Coach, best-selling author, and passionate statistics lecturer who brings statistics to life for undergraduate psychology and social science students.

Using everyday language and concrete, real-life examples, I transform statistics into a fun, colorful, and easily understandable subject.

I've helped countless students overcome their fear of math, master their mindset, and pass their exams through my engaging online membership, podcast, and YouTube channel.

FYI, I'm a German with an established stats business that offers courses, a membership, a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a book. If you speak German, check out my website HERE

Ready to dive in?

Start your journey to mastering stats: 

Tune in to my 


Need a quick and enjoyable way to grasp statistics that fits into your busy schedule? 

Join me on the Statistics Simply Explained podcast, your biweekly boost of statistics to go! 

I turn complicated topics into fun, easy-to-digest episodes with everyday language and humor. 

Get fit by joining 

Statistics Gym!

Ready to level up your stats skills and ace your exams?

Join my online membership for engaging, clearly structured lessons, real-life examples, and a supportive community.

No more feeling lost—get the clarity and confidence you need!

High-Fives from My Stats Stars!

Initially, I was very skeptical about the extensive topics and sometimes complex content. 

But Melanie quickly dispelled my doubts with her relaxed, very understandable, and, above all, humorous approach to teaching. 

I never thought I'd be able to master stats someday!


Economics Student

As a mom of three studying psychology, statistics felt impossible, and my exam anxiety was crippling.

Melanie's engaging lessons turned that around, simplifying complex concepts and reducing my anxiety.

Her patient, simple explanations made all the difference, and I passed with top marks. 

Melanie made statistics enjoyable and achievable. Simply amazing!


Psychology Student

My math teacher's criticism haunted me into my psychology studies. Then I found Melanie. 

Her clear, structured teaching, combined with lots of graphics and practical examples, made everything click, and I passed my stats exam on the first try!


Psychology Student

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